February 2021

We have all felt the effects of Covid19, and for The Ridgewood Choral the restrictions imposed due to this virus meant our musical programs in 2020 and 2021 had to be canceled. It also meant that our acknowledgments for donations to our Florence Reinauer Memorial Music Award and General Fund (which includes the Marjorie Vandervoort Vocal Award) were not printed in our concert program, as was the usual custom.  We hope to present our next Spring Concert in April 2022, but we feel that is too long to wait to recognize the beloved friends and family we have lost and to thank our wonderful donors.

Although the usual and “normal” are different, we welcome your financial support to continue our mission of “Women in Song and Service” and keep the music flowing when conditions allow.  Donations may be sent to The Ridgewood Choral, P.O. Box 208, Ridgewood, NJ 07451. Our heartfelt appreciation to all our friends and supporters.

In Memory of:

Robert Scott Vandervoort, Beloved husband of Choral Director Marjorie Vandervoort

Robert M. Gilmartin, Beloved spouse of Choral member Gilda Gilmartin

Walter and Mary Lou Pachnowski, Loving parents of Choral member Laura Van Orden

Bob Nutt, Beloved spouse of Choral member Mary Jo Nutt

Helene and Karl Schaefer, Loving parents of Choral member Julianne Schaefer

Tom Delorenzo, Ridgewood Singers member and friend of the Choral

Jo Delaney, Friend of the Choral, longtime member of Kasschau Memorial Shell Committee

Yvette Camps-Campins, Beloved sister-in-law of Choral member Mary DeLima

William “Bill” Mazur, Friend of the Choral, frequent concert usher

Don Landzettel, Beloved spouse of Choral member Gail Landzettel, Choral “Helping Hand”

Burtis William Howard, Loving father of Choral member Thia Longhi

Alan Hoffman, Beloved spouse of Choral member Heddi Hoffman

Lillie Fell, Former Choral Member, former Corresponding Secretary, Ways and Means, Website and Nominating Committees, Part Captain

Olive Yennie, Former Choral Member, Music Award Chair 20+ years

Honesto Caes, Jr., Dear brother of Choral member Mercedes Caes

Mary Elizabeth Collins, Harpist who performed with the Choral on many occasions

Joanne Kennedy, Devoted audience member and friend of the Choral

Ruth Strickhart, Former Choral Member

Marcia Sptiz, Former Choral Member

In Honor of:

Those who applied for a Scholarship from the Reinauer Fund

Sally Novak for the contribution of her artwork

Gifts to the Florence Reinauer Memorial Fund were made by: Marjorie Vandervoort, Mary Jo Nutt, Thia Longhi, Julianne Schaefer, Deborah Goodell, Laura Van Orden, Mary Boggia, Frieda Holober, Nancy Boye, The Ridgewood Choral 

Gifts to the General Fund were made by: *Judge and Mrs. Peter F. Boggia, John and Claudia Moran, May Vanden Broeck, The Van Orden Family, Sally Novak, Maureen Martin, Mary Jo Nutt, Thia Longhi and Family, Anita C. Young, Jacqueline Blesso, Stephen and Lynn Novak, Frieda and George Holober, Deborah and Douglas Goodell, Nadine Lisecki, Marjorie Vandervoort, Fran and Bob Kaufmann, Susan Keller, Ralph and Connie Kopperman, Albert and Mary DeLima, Fern Wilensky, Richard Cantor, Rebecca Bruce, Nina & Chris Androski,  Joanne and Peter Kennedy, Elizabeth Ann McGrath, Ruth E. Scherrer, Evelyn and Enrico Tissi, Rita Warner, June Yennie Donmoyer, Martha P. Lieblich, Lorraine and James Heffernan, Peggy O. Singer, Madeleine Truninger, *Rosemary and Rudolph Dujnic, Daniella Ashbahian and Family, Susan Goodstadt-Levin

*also denotes contribution to the Marjorie Vandervoort Vocal Award

Until we can perform again, please view our slideshow to learn more about the history of the Ridgewood Choral  (Ridgewood Choral History Presentation). Also, please keep checking our website to learn about the various ongoing weekly zoom events that are open to the public, and to meet our talented scholarship winners who will be chosen in March.

Stay safe and healthy,

Laura Van Orden

President, The Ridgewood Choral